Henry Ford

When we think of Henry Ford, we remember him as the founder of Ford Motor, innovator who transformed the automobile industry. What we sometimes forget is the impact his innovations had on American society. His manufacturing design and business strategies led the charge to the American Industrial Revolution front, helping to create American Consumerism,catapulting America to the largest economic super-power in the world.

As a teenager, Ford showed early talent for figuring out how things worked.He was given a pocket watch at 15 by his father, which he immediately dismantled and reassembled. His goal wasn’t only to understand how to put it back together. He wanted to know how each part fit into the workings of the mechanism.If he could make their function more efficient, he’d do it. This became the tenants to his design and manufacturing approach.

In 1903 Ford and friend Alex Y. Malcomsome formed the Ford Motor company and began designing and manufacturing the first Model T. A short 5 years later and it was ready for release.He took advantage of industrial assembly and devised a system with interchangeable parts, assembly line optimization, and division of labor to maximize speed and efficiency. Ford understood that the way to make money was to appeal to a wider audience. He needed to make cars affordable. instead of afew financialbig-wigs buying a handful of expensivecars, average American workers could afford to buy them, selling more cars and increasing profits. Ford turned what use

Photo Source: Pixabay

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