Enzo Ferrari

What Henry Ford did for American Consumerism, Enzo Ferrari did for sports car racing and street ready sports car prestige. His quote, “Think like a winner and act like a winner. You’ll be quite likely to achieve your goal.” tells us his story.

Ferrari was enamored from a young age with car racing. He vowed to become a world famous race car driver when he grew up, and he more than accomplished that goal.He became one of the most prominent names in car racing history, and elevated the sports car to the status symbol of wealth and luxury. In his early years he joined the Alfa Rameo race team and quickly began winning contest. His first big victory was the Coppa Acebra at Pescorta, driving the Alfa Romeo RL. He went on to win over 5000 victories during his career, making him the modern day legend he is today.

During WW II, Mussolini came into power, bringing Totalitarian Fascism, and quickly began using Ferrari as a propaganda tool for nationalism. Not just a popular race car driver anymore, Ferrari became a national hero, sealing his legendary status. After the war, he began Scuderia Ferrari. His goal: build race cars incredibly designed speed demons with v12 engines. He wanted to sports cars that were masterpieces in optimization and design. He succeeded. In 1946 he launched the Ferrari Tipo 125, using it in races with his team of riders. They immediately started winning, taking the British Grand Prix in 1951, and 8 out of 22 races that year alone. The F1 continued winning: The Grand Prix in 1956, 58’, 61’, & 64’, 14 wins at Mile Miglia and Le Mans with 6 consecutive wins from 1960-1965.

The Ferrari became the symbol of the elite, known for its speed and design. Ferrari wanted his sport cars to be revered not as collector items, but as racing masterpieces that needed to be seen in action to truly appreciated their power. However, his need to finance teams and keep financially afloat, forced him to make street ready Ferrari’s, transforming this simple sports car into the status symbol for style and luxury that still holds today.and for him that is a big achievement in the industry til today.

Photo Source: Pixabay

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