The Return Of The Legendary Cafe Racer motorcycles

Over the recent past, there has been what can be called as “resurrection” of a type of bikes known as the Cafe racer motorcycles. You might have heard of a friend has recently bought a bike like that and just wondered what a cafe racer is all about. These bikes are custom made by those who want to enjoy a ride on them, to make them a sight to behold. You may have wondered what this bike is really or thought of getting yourself one. Here is what the Cafe Racer motorcycles are all about for starters.

Stock vs Cafe racer

Cafe racer motorcycles are lightweight motorbikes that are lightly powered and more of speed oriented than comfort. They were popular in the 1960s where they were used for short distance high-speed purposes. Their name is said to be from their use in quick short rides between cafes. They were a revolution of their day with the light weight and speed that made them a real gem for the owners. Some were products of the Japanese companies like Honda. With some customization, they were common in street races too. They have resurfaced off late and are being personally custom designed by people who want a bike for the day to day activities.

The Culture

Back then these bikes were a point of pride for those who were into personalized, distinctive and fast bikes like the Rockers rock and roll group. It was popular in record racing where an individual was to ride to particular point and back before a song was played on the then classic jukebox. These bikes could do up to 100 miles per hour which in consideration of the then standards was such a high speed. The bikes in the real sense created a subculture that even current Cafe Racer motorcycles owners are emulating and recreating.

Reason For Return of the fashion

A focus on the classic and custom designs motivated the return of these bikes to the modern times. The bikes lightweight and speed is a desirable feature that many people capitalize on. With little sales of these bikes from the manufacturers, enthusiasts have acquired them and customized them to their needs. The subculture that emerged from the rebellious Rockers group has found its way to the modern times, and these have motivated the return of these bikes. They give satisfying freedom during customization to your personal taste. It’s beyond just a motorcycle; it’s a full package of an engine and class.

Why you should build your own bike

Have you at some point been on a bike and felt that bike needed to go faster or weigh lesser or another feature that you can make it do? With these bikes, you build what you need to be as good as you want it to be. You can acquire the bike from dealers and then set it for your upgrade with parts you buy. The ability to customize this bike is one feature that you should try out both for your mental satisfaction and that feeling of uniqueness. The sound of the engine and the graceful motion of the upgraded bike will take your breath away.

What to customize first

The bike is perfect apart from a few things that you need to change or adjust. The intake noise is definitely to be sorted besides the spooked wheels. The handling may not be up to standard and so the upgrade can focus on that too. The low hanging mufflers and the shocks can be adjusted or changed to fit the modern requirements. Center-stands can also be sorted to minimize sparks that were common back then when at high speeds. The issues vary with the bike you choose. The choice should also put into consideration the availability of the parts that you will use in the customization.

Don’t let it stand in the garage

When you have successfully brought this little angel up to speed, you can start using it in your day to day life activities like going to school or to work. Cafe racer motorcycles can be an excellent means of hoping from one place to another in style. You can get your friends to customize their own bikes and then you can roll out in an outstanding manner. These bikes could be your highway to a legacy when you command respect out there on the streets in a classic customized look.

Photo Source: Pixabay

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